Since its inception, UniEC Group Inc. has been responding promptly to the calls from the fast-paced developing e-commerce world, and has been devoting itself to providing its e-commerce customers with a unique experience through its sophisticated and easy-to-set up/manage platform which unifies on-line store, realizing professional service with a detailed designed online booking system, as well as website/webpage designing functions and availability – the three aspects most needed by the customers in e-commerce society. UniEC has also been aiming to help the business of its customers expand and grow in a very unique and creative way.

The core value of UniEC’s service is to grow with its customer since we are fully aware of the essence of e-commerce business, and we are committed to help realize our customers’ dreams in a wonderful and cost-effective way.

UniEC is always here to listen to, to study from, to work with our customers and the pioneers in the industry, and we are ready for any challenge which we believe will only lead to a better solution and experience for everyone in the e-commerce world.